FORPAC® Leveling Wedges

• Two-part system for eliminating uneven tiles
• Wedges are reusable
• Fast accurate and economical
• Use with FORPAC® clips for optimal strength and performance (sold separately)
• FORPAC® leveling systems ensure an evenly spaced, level tiled area
• 500 count

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FORPAC® Leveling Wedges ensure flatness between tiles, avoiding movement during mortar setting. FORPAC® Leveling Wedges help to minimize effort and maximize productivity, allowing you to achieve a perfect flat, lippage-free finish. FORPAC® Leveling Wedges ensure that your floor will be level from one tile to the next and prevents tile from settling and warping as your thinset cures. Most importantly, FORPAC® Leveling Wedges will help you to achieve the ideal and perfectly flat tile floor and desired results, every time.