FORPAC® RC5: 1/5″ (0.20) Rubber Cork Underlayment



FORPAC RC5: Premium 1/5″ Rubber Cork Underlayment

Elevate your flooring experience with FORPAC RC5, a top-tier composite sound control underlayment meticulously crafted from a blend of natural and engineered materials. Engineered for exceptional sound insulation, FORPAC RC5 achieves outstanding IIC (Impact Insulation Class) and STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings, making it the ideal choice for noise reduction in your space. Installing this product is a breeze, thanks to its compatibility with various substrates and adhesives – refer to the installation instructions for specific details. Whether you’re working with tile or wood, FORPAC RC5 has you covered.

Key Features:

Eco-Friendly: Crafted from a harmonious blend of rubber and cork, FORPAC RC5 not only delivers remarkable performance but also contributes to environmental sustainability. It’s a green product that even qualifies for LEED points, ensuring you make a responsible choice for your project.

Versatile Application: Suitable for both tile and wood installations, FORPAC RC5 offers the flexibility you need to enhance the acoustics of various spaces.

Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to complicated installation processes. FORPAC RC5 can be easily installed using the direct bond method, saving you time and effort.

Sound Ratings:

  • STC (Sound Transmission Class): 57*
  • IIC (Impact Insulation Class): 51*

*Sound testing performed following ASTM E90 and E492 standards, with tests conducted on an 8” concrete slab with no ceiling assembly.

Product Details:

Coverage: Each roll of FORPAC RC5 covers an area of 4′ x 30′, providing 120 square feet of premium underlayment per roll.

Packaging: FORPAC RC5 is available in convenient 80 lb. rolls, with 16 rolls per pallet.

Product Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Upgrade your flooring project with FORPAC RC5, the ultimate solution for superior sound control and eco-conscious construction. Trust in its performance, embrace its sustainability, and enjoy the peace and quiet it brings to your space.